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Our Product Lineup
Blockaroo™ blocks are magnetic foam builders developed by teachers to be the perfect early learning STEM toy. They’re water friendly, dishwasher safe, and a fantastic bath toy.
What Our Customers Say About Us
If you love unique toys that require no batteries, look adorable, make cool sounds, inspire the imagination, feel soft and fuzzy, and are super easy to clean... you will not be disappointed with these innovative new Blockaroos! – Amazon Parent Review.
I think Blockaroos are a cost-friendly toy that kids won’t get tired of since there are so many possibilities for what they can create. They also make a great alternative to toys with sounds and lights that require batteries. Blockaroos are all about imagination and learning. Jessica Guyon –
My little one LOVES playing with these in the bath and the fact that they stick to the sides and bottom of the tub make them even more fun for her. – Amazon Parent Review.
My 4-year-old was gifted these awesome blocks. He enjoys them so much. They are easily held by tiny hands and the magnetic parts are visible so tiny minds can easily build and imagine while playing. Being able to take them into the bath was a big plus side. – Amazon Parent Review.