BECOME A PALEONTOLOGIST – Excavate 10 real fossils, then identify and learn about them with the full-color adventure guide (written by teachers)

THE THRILL OF DISCOVERY – Your child will love this hands-on activity. Watch as they light up with each genuine fossil that they uncover!

PREMIUM QUALITY FOSSILS – Dig up a shark tooth, dinosaur bone, dinosaur poop, mosasaur tooth, ammonite, and ocean fossils *exact specimens may vary*

START A FOSSIL COLLECTION – A homeschool favorite, this children’s kit is the perfect stand-alone school project and is a great way to start your fossil collection

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June 3, 2020
Not worth it
Just no. My kiddo was excited to get this dig set. My kids really like fossils so I ordered this for them based of the advertisement pics. First of all the fossils look like rocks. There were only 2 of them that had any detail the rest looked like rocks, just rocks...?? They were so excited to get started and then that excitement fell flat when they found the first so called fossil. I told them maybe the next one may be better, but nope. After finding 8 "ROCK" fossils they were all but done. But I told them to at least find the rest. So we found 14 fossils total. Not sure were the 15th one was. We pretty much turned every inch of the surrounding rock into dust and the 15 fossil was MIA. In the end, there was only one they kept, the rest are in the trash. Just a waist. Definitely not worth more then maybe 6 bucks in my opinion. That being said I wouldn't even have paid 6 bucks for this so called dirt rocks that were supposed to be fossils. Very disappointing. I couldn't in good conscious recommend it. This is just my opinion..
June 26, 2019
10/10 would order again
was going to order this for my niece but i wasnt sure she like it so I ordered it for my self..and I enjoyed it..the fossils where amazing..the substance the fossils are buried is easy to brake appart..your definitely want to lay some news paper or a garbage bag down when doing does get messy..the activity book and the book showing what fossils you got where both beautifully done..will I be getting this for my neice..not yet..shes still a little to young for this..10/10 would order again
Felix C
March 4, 2017
Just made a future paleontologist
Listen, my kid and I sat at my kitchen table and had a BLAST with this. We really felt like we were paleontologists on a dig. The fossils are well defined and distinguishable from the rocks and debris in the block. They didnt skimp on the variety of fossils included and they are authentic, as advertised. My 11 year old daughter was already into prehistoric studies and the like, but this took it to another level for her. I truly think this cemented her desire to pursue the field in the future. The package comes with interesting foldouts to help you understand what you are looking at, and informative instructions to help you get the most out of the product. HIGHLY recommend this product.
Bonnie C. Baker
September 7, 2019
Fun for dads
I got this when it was on sale for my daughter who love dinosaurs. She’s five and it didn’t really hold her interest as much as I thought it would. All the fossils were lumped in the middle so by the time she and my husband got to them, her focus was on something else. My husband, however, spent over an hour on it and told me that he wants another one for when we visit my relatives to pass the time. The fossils were varied and of nice quality.
K. Gaschel
February 10, 2020
Waste of money. Disappointing bday gift
Dissapointed.. have done the bigger dr Cool kits in the past, this 10 pc was a total waste.. specimens were super small and one was a plain rock!! A not even 1" big plain rock! Biggest was black teardrop which measures 1 1/2" See pics.. would def not buy this again...
December 25, 2018
Great kit
We ordered this for my 7 year old dinosaur loving and obsessed boy. The brick was moderately hard for him but he took many breaks which lead to this being an all day activity. I had absolutely no problem with that though! The coolest part other than his excitement was that we actually had 13 fossils in ours! My son was super stoked and I do believe I was a bit too. Awesome product.
February 19, 2016
Great for little fossil diggers
My four year and five year olds loved this! Digging for fossils is where their interests are! Be prepared it's messy. Plaster dust every where. We needed up taking it outside after the first half hour when it was evident this was getting on the dogs as well as the kitchen table and floor. They just couldn't wait to find the first one then a little math and yes they knew there were 9 more to find. At times they need a bit of help to dig a bit deeper the plaster is hard after all it is plaster. A very small sigh came when we realized not everything you find is listed in the book that comes with it. It didn't stop the little diggers. By the end of the day all fossils were unearthed.
January 15, 2014
So much fun!
My 3 children received Dr. Cool sets for Christmas...the oldest (13) received fossils. It took him two times of "careful" mining, maybe 30-40 minutes at a shot, to find all the fossils. The booklet that comes with this is really nice...great pictures with descriptions of what he "found." While he was probably on the old end for this, it was definitely something he enjoyed, and would do again. It is a little messy, and outside was not an option, but that would not keep me from purchasing this product again...I will buy more as gifts.

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