100 Piece Set

EASIEST BUILDING SYSTEM FOR YOUNG LEARNERS - Blockaroo blocks are a new way to build. The soft foam magnetic blocks click together like magic, rotate 360-degrees, and always attract to each other, creating a multi-sensory experience that kids love!

STEM TOYS THAT GROW WITH YOUR CHILD - Blockaroo builders allow your toddler to explore shapes, colors, and easy stacking with soft foam blocks in the bath! Preschool age kids love them too as they develop engineering and creative thinking skills.

MAKE BATH TIME FUN, EDUCATIONAL & EASY - Blockaroo blocks float and are a creative bath toy that encourages children to let their imaginations set sail. Parents love how Blockaroo blocks make bath time fun and an experience kids look forward to!

LIMITLESS BUILDING POSSIBILITIES - Your kids can build anything! This open-ended system encourages creative play and provides multi-sensory experiences that helps developing minds grow and the blocks come in a fun toy chest for hassle-free storage.

NON-TOXIC, DISHWASHER SAFE, & BUILT TO LAST - Blockaroo builders are non-toxic and exceed all international testing standards for safety. They are 100% dishwasher safe. Toss them in the dishwasher and they’ll be sanitized and as good as new!

Brandon Friend
May 28, 2020
Better than expected
My first thought was that they were going to feel cheap and flimsy but I was wrong. They feel sturdy and well built (within reason as they are simple blocks with magnets). The kids had fun with them and they feel like they'll last a while. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is I think they could of added a couple more blocks for the money. I think it's 19 pcs. With one kid it would be suffice but sharing between 2 doesn't work. It still is a great buy though. If you're looking for something like this you won't be mad at your decision.
March 16, 2020
Love them, just a little pricey
These are such cute blocks!! A little pricey, but they are good quality. The magnets in them made me a little nervous, but they really seem like they cannot come out. My little one LOVES playing with these in the bath and the fact that they stick to the sides and bottom of the tub make them even more fun for her.
Lesley Sullivan
March 10, 2020
These are amazing!
If you love unique toys that require no batteries, look adorable, make cool sounds, inspire the imagination,feel soft and fuzzy, and are super easy to clean...you will not be disappointed with these innovative new Blockaroos! I’ll definitely be picking up a few more sets!
Carrie M.
September 24, 2020
Wish they were denser
A couple didn't hold up to my daughter's chewing As I was unpacking these, reading the instructions, and not paying attention. I wish the material was denser. They have an almost suede feel to the outside and my 1-1/2 year old daughter was very interested in them as my husband and I were making things, too. But unfortunately we have to be VERY attentive when she plays with them to keep from biting chunks out.
Simon The Great
June 5, 2020
Surprisingly VERY COOL
We received these on our STEM subscription, and honestly, I did not think much of them. However, our children cannot stop playing and creating with them! Took them away from the screens and they became engrossed with Blockaroos for DAYS! We have added a bunch of sets to our wish list for birthdays. Very well made, very ingenious designs, and the end users are very happy with the results. Thank you!
Patrice Ellen
May 5, 2020
Love these
so easy even I, grandma, can put them together. Had for a while and my destructive grandchild has so far not been able to destroy. We are really hoping they come out with a train one. He is a total train, plane and automobile kid so a car might be nice too.
May 1, 2020
Startup set, weak magnets
Nice startup set. You dont get many, but if it's for a lil one it's awesome for building and bathtime. As stated when the kid goes to pickup and travel with it, it falls apart. Weak magnets.
August 10, 2020
Good product, terrible packaging
Fun toys, easy to play with for a 2 years old or even younger. Few things I don't like: The packaging, they re just thrown in a big box without protection or not even little bags, so all the toys came scratched and dented since it's just foam. The box is way too big, the toys can fit in a box 4 times smaller. Last, I think it's a little overpriced.

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